We have over 30 years continuous experience in erecting marquees so you can be confident in our ability to meet your expectations.

Types of marquee

Our contemporary frame marquees are manufactured in high quality PVC coated fabric which is fed into an aluminium support frame. These are the most popular and common type of marquee in the UK.

We also supply traditional style marquees which have central upright poles and guy ropes.

And we can also supply Chinese Hat marquees which have a steep high ceiling leading to a central peak.

Where can we have our marquee?

Marquees can be erected on most surface including grass, patios and car parks.

How can we personalise our marquee?

We can transform the basic marquee into a room of luxury and style.  Some people have themes they want to express and we can add props and backdrops for the walls etc. Then theres coloured swagging, lighting, tables, chairs, flooring etc. Anything you need to co-ordinate your theme from start to finish. We have a vast stock of accessories, and we know if you’re planning a function you won’t want to be sitting here browsing an endless gallery! Just let us know what you want or ask our advice.