Terms and conditions of Hire

Manor Hire Marquee & Catering Equipment Hire Ltd Terms & Conditions of Hire

Definitions  ¹Hirer is the Person hiring from Manor Hire Marquee & Catering Equipment (herein referred to as MH). ²Supplier is MH. ³Equipment is any item hired by MH to the ¹Hirer. The period of Hire is the period which the ³Equipment is required and be available for use.

The ²Supplier will deliver and erect the ³Equipment so that it is ready for use on the function date.  The ²Supplier will remove ³Equipment with the same care and efficiency as at erection/delivery.  The ¹Hirer will ensure that there is unrestricted access to the site on the delivery/erection date. If the ²Supplier cannot access the site/is delayed by the ¹Hirer, an additional charge may be raised to cover any costs as a result.  The ²Supplier will make every effort to accommodate change of erection/delivery dates requested by the ¹Hirer, but this will be subject to other work schedules and may incur extra costs. The ¹Hirer will ensure that they or an authorised representative is present at the site on the notified delivery/erection date to instruct the ²Supplier on the exact location of the delivery/erection.  The ²Supplier will obtain a signature from the ¹Hirer on the conclusion of erection/delivery.  If the erection/delivery is not signed off by the ¹Hirer (or an elected representative) additional charges may be applied if there is a need to revisit the site or where written advice and instructions have not been followed.

The ²Suppliers quotation for hire charges is made on the understanding that the site on which the equipment is to be delivered/erected is;  a) flat and firm with easy access for heavy motor transport.
b) Has no drain pipes, cables or other services buried beneath the surface or otherwise concealed. This is especially important as some marquee pegs need to be sunk up to 4ft in the ground.
c) Any necessary permits from authorities have been obtained by the ¹Hirer.
d) Free from flooding, trees and overhead obstructions.

Safety & Security
For their own safety the ¹Hirer needs to ensure they understand and carry out any instruction or advise given by the ²Supplier that relate to the use of the equipment. This includes;
(a) In windy conditions make sure that all openings are firmly closed when not in use, and are opened only for the purpose of entering and leaving the marquee.
(b) Making sure that ³Equipment is not interfered with in any way unless instructed to do so; this includes not attaching or suspending anything from any hired ³equipment unless permission has first been obtained from the ²Supplier.
(c) Adequately heating the interior of any structure as to protect from frost or snow and not allowing the build up of snow or rain on the ³Equipment.
(d) Not permit Crepe Paper to come into contact with any marquee as the dye will permanently stain the fabric.

The ²Supplier provides as far as it is reasonable practicable a safe and hazard free working environment for its employees when working.  The ¹Hirer will need to make the ²Supplier aware of any identified and/or specific site conditions or restrictions which need safety consideration.  The ¹Hirer must notify the ²Supplier if the ³Equipment is involved in any accident resulting in damage to the ³Equipment or to other property, or injury to any person during the hire period.

The ¹Hirer needs to ensure that there is a suitable electrical supply to the marquee adequate for the ³Equipment.  If there is not the ¹Hirer must be made aware of this before the delivery date.  Electrical equipment must be used with the original plugs or sockets fitted.  If the ¹Hirer needs to fit other suitable plugs or sockets, any work must be carried out with our approval and by a competent and qualified person, who must also return the ³Equipment to its original condition.

The ¹Hirer is responsible for the general safety and security of the marquee site from when the ²Supplier leaves the site on completion of delivery/erection to when they return to collect/dismantle ³Equipment.  The ¹Hirer must not sell or otherwise part with control of the Equipment during the hire period.

*The ¹Hirer must ensure that they have sufficient insurance (upon payment of the Damage Waiver Fee’ referred to in the quotation, then this will not apply. Please note that the ¹Hirer remains responsible for any loss of or damage to all hired equipment resulting from wanton damage, your negligence or legal liability) and be aware that they will incur additional costs if ³Equipment is damaged if/and through their own failure to follow any of the conditions laid out in this document or documents issued by MH.

Payment for ³Equipment is made under the following schedule.  Along with written acceptance from the ¹Hirer to the ²Supplier a 25% deposit of the total hire charges.  The balance to be paid at least 10 working days before the erection/delivery date.  The ²Supplier will not erect/deliver the ³Equipment if the payment has not been made.

The named ²Supplier may end this contract if the ¹Hirer (a) breaks its terms (b) becomes bankrupt (c) the ¹Hirer company starts to be wound up, or a Receiver or Administrator is appointed over all or part of the ¹Hirers assets or an agreement is entered into with creditors or a voluntary agreement is made.  If the ²Supplier ends the contract in these circumstances, it will end immediately and repossession of all ³Equipment will take place. The ¹Hirer may end this contract by giving clear notice in writing, and will be liable to pay us a percentage of the total hire charges shown as follows depending on the time between us receiving the notice and the function date. (a) More than 90 days notice 20% (b) less than 90 days notice, but more than 30 days notice 50% (c) Less than 30 days notice 100%

Limits of Liability
The ²Supplier will not be liable for any delay in erecting/dismantling ³Equipment which is caused or exacerbated, whether directly or indirectly by any strike, lockout, labour disturbance, Government action, civil commotion, unrest, riot, armed conflict, fire, flood drought, failure of power supply, unavailability or breakdown of normal means of transport, adverse weather, act of God or any other matter beyond reasonable control. The ²Supplier will not be liable for any loss or damage to the site, its contents and ³Equipment, where this is caused by factors out of their reasonable control.  This would include, but is not limited to, negligent or malicious acts of third parties, inclement weather conditions etc. The maximum amount for which the ²Supplier will be liable for in any circumstances is the total hire charge.  This limit does not apply in respect of any claim for death or personal injury which results from negligence on the part of the ²Supplier.